The 2015-2016 season about to get started and we are ready for all the wrestlers new and returning to begin another season of hard work and dedication. We are looking forward to continuing our tradition of building champions on and off the mats.

From our returning Beginner MMWL and Advanced CAWL wrestlers that were with us this past season as well as the many new incoming wrestlers that joined our team, we hope that we did our best and make this a rewarding endeavor.

See you next season...

Our Vision: Using the sport of wrestling to instill in our young athletes the desire to give their best and rise above the crowd through strong work ethic, discipline, and mental toughness.

Our Motto: Building Champions for Life On AND Off the Mats

Our Goals:

  • To continue the wrestling growth, toughness, and excellence while preparing athletes for high school.
  • To keep the passion and love for the sport of wrestling alive.
  • To build and display outstanding character in all of our actions as athletes and coaches.